Information Management and Innovation Management within the Innovation Process

The permanent progress in the area of information and communication technology, shorter product life cycles as well as the rapidity and aggressiveness of the competition have made information and knowledge, besides costs, quality and time, to a more and more important factor of success. Most enterprises put the main focus on the customers with their continuously changing requests which demands ongoing innovation. So to manage the arising pressure a lot of enterprises practice outsourcing and concentrate on their core competencies. One of the consequences of this action is the cooperation with other enterprises (e.g. partners, suppliers) in networks. To ensure the exchange of information within the enterprise and with the environment an adequate information management, which is perfectly integrated into the new product development process (innovation process), is necessary.

This following research combines the field of information management and innovatics, an object of research which deals with the systematic innovation. An integrated model has been developed. This model can be used to analyse the innovation process from different viewpoints (e.g. information management, knowledge management, etc.). In particular it will be shown how the model can be applied to analyse and design the information management within the innovation process. Further will be exemplified how the systematic innovation can be supported by the information management.
The publication by Philippe Jules Maurer about innovatics (= art of the systematic innovation)  titled "Das Informationsmanagement der Innovatik" ("The information management in the field of innovatics") was published at Peter Lang Verlag (ISBN 3-906770-35-4). If you are interested in the publication you can order it directly at the Peter Lang Publishing Group, at or digital at


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