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For a long time combination games have been very popular. For instance in 1963 the game Egghead ("What’s That on My Head?") by Robert Abbott’s was released. In this game one player has number cards on his head, he can’t see himself. By asking clever questions, he has to find out the values of the cards on his head. A similar idea was pursued with the game Mastermind (also known as "Crack the code!"), which was invented in 1971 by an Israeli telecommunication expert named Mordecai Meirovitz. Since the 30 December 1980 it holds the U.S. patent number 4‘ 241‘923. The sense of this game is to guess a secret color code in as few as possible guesses. In 1986, Alex Randolph developed the game Code 777, which represents an enhancement of Egghead. Each player receives 3 cards in different colors, which are numbered from 1-7. All players except for the player holding the cards, can see the cards of the others. Using question cards, each player has to find out his own card code.

The objective of the game GeniusExpert is to guess the secret code of the computer which consists of 4 colored pegs (6 different colors). In each round, the player has to guess and tells him, using white and black indication pegs, how close his guess was. A white indication peg signifies, that the color of the peg is right, but the position wrong. The black indication peg shows that the peg matches the computer code. 7 rounds are at the player’s disposal to crack the computer’s secret code and to win the game.

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